It is what it is



YAAAAAAAAAAAS fucking finally

holy shit shes so pretty


ok but imagine

you’re sitting in the audience of a lets play panel at a con

it’s about to start and the let’s players are seating themselves

there’s game grumps, markiplier, tobuscus, and an unfamiliar face

as they’re settling in and checking their mics, the man nobody recognizes says

"what’s up everybody it’s cr1tikal"

the entire audience shits their collective pants

the panel ends immediately

there are no survivors

Neil Patrick Harris, in 2010, talks about his time on Glee, Finn Hudson as his favorite character, and Cory's acting
EW: Do you have a favorite Glee character?
NPH: I kinda like Finn.
EW: Why?
NPH: Well, he’s dreamy. But also I think he represents a really great element of the viewership and what glee club can be because he’s a quintessential straight guy, kind of a bumble-y. He’s such a great actor and he provides that enthusiasm, and yet he’s still a guy so it’s not like your watching a bunch of campy theatrics all the time. And then Puck gets in the mix and then people who are watching in the Midwest go, “This could be cool as an option.”


Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs


Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here

3 a.m. friends

3 a.m. friends